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Owatrol offers a wide range of products for maintenance and renovation, precisely for each use. Its solutions are designed to meet a double expectation of individuals and professionals: efficiency in the respect for the environment.


  • Wood outdoor

    Stripping products, cleaning, preparation, processing, protection, maintenance and decoration for exterior wood.

  • Interior wood

    Preparation products, processing, protection, maintenance and decoration for interior wood.

  • Metal

    Maintenance and repair of metal products. Primary, anticorrosion, stripper, PuTTY, anti-rust, additive; ...

  • Navy

    Products of stripping, cleaning, repair, maintenance, finishing and decoration for marine applications < /p>

  • Paintings

    Paintings and oil additives for preparation, hanging, primary, finishing and decoration for the wood and metal.

  • Vehicles

    Maintenance products for vehicles. Releasing agents, lubricants, plastics, corrosion-resistant, rust-proof remodelers, finish paints, putties...

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