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  • Natural and Artificial...

    Product Lithofin for the treatment, protection and cleaning of natural and artificial Pierre

  • Natural stone and...

    Lithofin product for the treatment, protection and cleaning the natural Pierre and ceramics

  • Ceramic Special -...

    Processing special Lithofin product maintenance cleaning and protection for ceramics, ceramic

  • Terracotta - Lithofin

    Processing special Lithofin, product maintenance, protection, and cleaning for Earth baked

  • Parquet - Lithofin

    Lithofin treatment for Parquet, maintenance products, cleaning, protection for floors

  • Plastic - Stainless...

    Processing Lithofin various, plastic, stainless steel, fiber... Products for cleaning, protection, maintenance...

  • Maintenance kit -...

    Lithofin maintenance kit, product of maintenance, processing, cleaning, protection for various applications

  • Professional products...

    These products have been specifically developed for use in workshop or to solve problems on construction sites. They are reserved for professional use. We recommend that you carefully read all the instructions before using these products and/or to consult our Technical Department for advice.

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