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Sika is the leader in the development of products and solutions in bonding, sealing, soundproofing, reinforcement and protection in the construction and industrial sectors.

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  • Concrete and paving -...

    A full range of concrete additives, cure products, release agents, recovery of concreting

  • Masonry work - Sika

    A complete range for masonry work, sealing of mortars, Accelerator shooting, mortar in cold weather, mortar of masonry, colour editing for mortar, resin for mortars hanging

  • Sealing and protection...

    A full range of sealing and protection for foundations, cellars, underground, facades, concrete, walls, roofs, terraces, balconies, swimming pools, basins, tanks, bathrooms and kitchens, chemical protection, anti-foaming treatment

  • Joints and cracks - Sika
  • Flexible bondings - Sika
  • Concrete repairs - Sika
  • Sealing, wedging,...
  • Roads - Sika
  • Flooring - Sika
  • Equipment and related...
  • Sika Industry

    Waterproofing, bonding, soundproofing and reinforcement solutions for the automotive industry, shipbuilding (ships and yachts) and the assembly of buses, trucks and rail vehicles.
    Also for the manufacture and assembly of sandwich panels, structural glazing, large blades for wind turbines and even for the production of appliances as well as solutions for repairing glued elements.

  • Navy - Sika

    Elasticity and rigidity are key factors in the construction and repair of boats and ships that are constantly exposed to vibrations caused by, among other things, the wind and the waves. Elastic adhesive and Grouting systems specially developed by Sika for marine applications have an excellent performance where it is needed. The wide range of products includes everything that relates to the leveling of the bridges, the collage of parts of bridges, bridges teak joints coating, gluing and Grouting. We also have a full range of systems covering the bridge, noise reduction and vibration and the slowdown of the fire. These systems meet the new standards with elements such as lightness, noise reduction and thermal insulation. Sika systems are ideal for use in all types of boats and ships, small boats to luxury yachts, motorboats to cruise ships and tankers to fast ferries.

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