Wall cladding

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Wall cladding

Products for your wall cladding, walls, facades, interior partitions, kitchens, bathrooms, ...

Facing stones, Facing bricks, chips and briquettes, rubble, lamella, mosaic, natural stone barette, stoneskins, ...


  • Stoneskins

    Stoneskins: Siding natural stone split

  • Wall strips

    Natural stone wall slats

  • Mosaic

    Mosaic of stone cladding, glass,...

  • Bricks

    cladding for facade bricks, bricks of clay masonry

  • Stones and rubble

    Stones and rubble for the wall facings: natural stones, rubble, stone cleaved, semi-taillees, sandstone, basalt,...

  • Strips of natural Pierre

    Strips of Pierre Naturelle for facing of walls, pillars and facades...

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