Floor accessories

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Floor accessories

Assortment of gutters, siphons, plates, lids to be tiled, frames to be paved, mats.


  • Doormat and frame

    Classic doormats, recessed doormats and frames.

  • Cover Tiling Paving

    Framework, lid and hotplate to tile to make disappear the looks in the slab and tile

  • Cover paving

    Framework and Talapagala pavers for removing eyes, lids,... in the paved or self-locking coating

  • Access Cover Drain

    The eyes and lids are used in the terraces and pathways. These elements welded aluminum, with seal water and odors, allow secure and your equipment while ensuring aesthetics

  • Cast Iron & Roads

    Cast iron is the sustainable material par excellence for urban and light to very heavy traffic.
    This category offers all the equipment of the lid at the door, rooms of visit, manhole, grids, etc.

  • Inspection hatch for soil

    Inspection hatch for soil for the cellar, empty access health, technical room, hopper

  • Access cover with...

    Pave or tile lid with assisted opening, with hinges, gas or hydraulic cylinders.

    All weight classes.

    Available in stainless steel and aluminium.

    Waterproof or not.

  • Grid of soil inside...

    Grid for your floors inside, and outside shower, swimming pool...

  • steel tactile indicator

    steel tactile indicator

  • English courts, frame...

    English courts, chassis of cellar, basement, Wolf jump,... for window or frame tilt or flying buried or recessed...

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