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Home improvement

A selection of products for home improvement.


  • Refractory products

    Aluminous refractory materials available in different colors for domestic use: clear, nuanced, white, black and Red flamed.

    < p>The main uses are: open, fireplaces, fires, stoves of mass, barbecues, bread and pizza ovens, floors and walls of siding.

  • Building panels
  • Sealing

    Products for waterproofing in building.

  • Insulation

    Sound insulation and thermal insulation solutions for the floor, wall and roof.

  • Uncoupling mat

    Uncoupling systems are usually made up of mats and membranes placed between the floor covering (tiles, for example) and the screed. Although their use is not mandatory, it presents significant practical benefits, especially if the floor complex is subject to important deformations or solicitations (where, for example, heated floors, floor tiles) outside, on the application of tiles of large size or long strips imitation parquet or implementation to alternate joints)

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