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  • Gondore - Rayonnage -...
  • Treatment and products

    The biggest Brands and manufacturers.


    All products for the treatment, cleaning, protection and maintenance of floors, wall coverings and wall fronts, .. stone, brick, concrete, wood, ceramic, steel, ...

    For bodywork, marine, automobile, industry, kitchen and sanitary, ..

    All glues, joints, mastic, solicone, admixtures, mortars, fibers, waterproofing, foam, insulation, stains, varnishes, dyes, ...

  • Sand - gravel - cement

    Sand - gravel - cement

  • discontinued

    Products and Service Out of catalog currently. End of series,....

    Do not hesitate to ask us for alternatives or the return on sale

  • Solar photovoltaic

    Products and equipment for the creation of photovoltaic solar energy.

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