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Interior tiles

Tiles natural stone for your interiors, houses, halls, living rooms, dining rooms, offices, kitchens...


  • Belgian Blue Stone

    Pierre Bleue's real tiles and tiles from Belgium for your soils.

    Certificates of origin may be provided upon request.

  • Pierre de Bourgogne

    Burgundy Stone and "IG Burgundy Stone"

    Slab and tile in real natural stone native to Burgundy - France.

    Find all the finishes, antique, abbey, softened,... for the main geological layer, Massangies, Buxy, Corton, Beauvillon, Comblanchien, Beaunotte, Beauval, Ampilly, Magny, Rocheval, Champagny, Val de Nord, Charmot, Magny, Nood, Buny, Semond, Lanvignes, Mareuil,

    Please consult us.

  • White Stone

    Slabs, tiles, slats and baseboards for your White Stone tiles.

    Find the full range of the main white, cream and light stones for your interior floors.

    Origin France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco,... such as travertine, Moléanos, Créma Marfil, Antalya, Carrara, Jura, Mocca, Simyra, Sinai Peal, 

  • Inner Granite

    Granite tiles for your interiors, houses, halls, lounges, dining rooms, offices, kitchens,....

  • Blue Stone from China

    Slabs and blue stone tiles of China Interior, Jinin stone, China blue limestone,....

  • Blue Stone of Vietnam

    Vietnam blue stone slabs for your interior and landscaping.

    This blue stone is quite close in terms of the color of the Belgian blue stone while presenting less "shell"

    The blue stone of Vietnam is rather used in opus or aged and antique finishes because the manufacturing tolerances are low.

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