Mortar - Glue - Joint

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Mortar - Glue - Joint

Assortment of construction adhesives, leveling mortars, powder or paste tile adhesives, setting mortars, grouting mortars, admixtures, primers, sealants.


  • Primary, pre-treatment

    The primary and pre-shipment: bottom layer, waterproofing, layer of aderence,...

  • Repointing mortar

    More or less permeable prepared joint mortar recommended for terraces, pedestrian, public utilities,... Fast, sustainable and economic solution for all types of pavers joints and tiles, frost resistant and sel salt snow removal, prevents the formation of weeds, resists abrasion,...

  • Construction adhesive

    Construction adhesives are mortars-adhesives for cellular concrete blocks, stones and concrete and brick blocks. The bonding of bricks is a recent application, the range of possibilities is still unknown. Thanks to our many years of experience, we offer adhesives with a high constant quality level, largely meets the most stringent requirements and always keeping a step ahead.

  • Mortar and adhesive...

    Mortars, adhesives and mortar-adhesives for your floors and terraces

  • Glue for parquet

    Assortment of adhesives for parquet.

  • Glue and seal tile

    Glue and seal tile in natural stone, Bluestone, granite, shale, sandstone,...

  • Asphalt prepared

    Asphalt cold, high quality, rapid hardening and strength unmatched adhesive.

  • Mortar of Equalization

    Plan and bearing support is the basis of any subsequent finishing. This applies as well to the walls to floors. It is sometimes necessary to first to equalize support before any further processing. The Omnimix products are mortars of equalization for walls and floors and Interior and exterior work. Implementation out of the ordinary!

  • Adjuvant

    Additives for adhesives, mortars,... in order to make them stronger, ingellifs, resistant to shocks, flexible, elastic,... < /.p >

  • Weber
  • Mapei
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