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Power Tools

Power tools: renovation milling, concrete, floor polishers, electric power, machine kneading, Sander for plaquist Sanders, electric floating, circular and radial, rainureuse saw, cutter diamond, demolition hammer, core diamond drill, drill, accessories


  • Machine to knead

    Wide range of mixer and mixers Berg, Eibenstock

  • Malaxeurs
  • Renovation milling...

    Milling of renovation for the renovation and sanitation sector professionals

  • Concrete grinder

    Sander multifunctional concrete for different materials: concrete, glue residue, rendered

  • Polishers

    Ideal polishing machines for the working of the natural stone, sensitive surfaces

  • Plaquist Sander

    Plaquist Sander

  • Power trowel

    Electric sand, smooth, scraping and planing trowel

  • Circular saw

    Saw circular ideal diamond for the bars windows, renovation of the joints of soil, facade slabs, terrazzo tiles, work plans

  • Radial saw

    Radial saw for cutting of block, brick, stone, pavers...

  • Roll Groover

    Roll Groover for masonry, stone and concrete

  • Cutter diamond

    Cutter diamond perfect for small interventions such as window and door openings that require good crisp edges without recovery.

  • Demolition Hammer

    Hammer for grubbing-up, chipping, cleaning of surfaces, floor tiles, plaster, opening of bloodletting

  • Core drill diamond

    Core drill diamond, diamond drilling technical

  • Drill

    Hand building drills, used to drill many materials, from concrete, wood, metal

  • Accessories

    Accessories for power tools, industrial vacuum cleaners, mixers, accessories for core drill, polisher accessories, accessories for floating, accessories for Sander

  • Radial and circular saw
  • Finisher

    Finisher at Eibenstock

  • Zamboni

    Zamboni from Eibenstock

  • On table saws

    Table saw special tilers, for demanding professionals, for tiles and slabs of large format, for masons, paveus, etc. < /p>

  • Couronnes - Diam...
  • Floor saws

    Saws to ground for the repair and maintenance of roads or soils of large-scale buildings. Ideal for all types of sawing. 

  • Angle grinding machine
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