Doormat and frame

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Doormat and frame

Classic doormats, recessed doormats and frames.


  • CUSTOM mat and frame

    Made to measure at stone & soil.

    We offer a wide range mat, mat entrance, rug,... to your dimensions, including frames, ramps, marking, commercial logos...

    Coco mats, to ask, built-in, brush,... can be performed following all suggestions of dimensions or shape.

    For large projects, we can take care measures on request.

  • Recessed doormat

    Recessed doormat. From Simple models to models with profiles and/or with brushes.

  • Classic doormat

    Classic doormat, simple surface, all materials.

  • Doormat to profile

    Mat sustainable profile, aluminium, pvc, stainless steel...

    Wide choice of coating, finishing, color, durability...

    Ability to embed with frameworks for mat or ramps

  • Doormat to brush

    Doormat to brush hard nylon for indoor and outdoor use with high traffic.

    Sustainable and effective scraper for cleaning the soles wear-free. Solid and heavy while ensuring a perfect drainage and ease cleaning.

    ON possibility measurement and marking to your sign.

  • Paillasson Caoutchouc...
  • Doormat frame

    Frame for doormat. Frame in aluminum, brass or stainless steel. 

  • Outside doormat and Bowl

    Outside doormat and Bowl with collector and drainage of water and dirt.

    This pack integrates a solid mat with elegance in a bowl of ground aesthetically incorporated into slabs or pavers outdoor.

    All and is connected to a pipe evacuation or infiltration.

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