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The terms of the direct online sales site are concluded between, on the one hand, the SPRL under Belgian law 2D Groupe, Pierre & Sol, based in Tournai, 442 floor of Lille hereinafter referred to as "Pierre & Sol" or "seller" and, on the other hand, people wishing to make a purchase through the website of Pierre & Sol or at the address of Pierre & Sol hereinafter referred to as "buyer" or "user".

The shipment of packages is considered as being made from the Belgium with exceptions, we deliver throughout Europe and overseas. Other areas on request.

These conditions apply exclusively as non-trading individuals and legal and physical persons shopping. The buyer who wants to buy the site declares to have full legal capacity. Any person under disability within the meaning of article 1123 and following of the civil Code, cannot in any way buy on the Site. The consultation of the Site and the services it offers are the responsibility of their legal representative. The legal representative is bound by these provisions. In any case, during the transmission of personal data, the legal representative will have to compile the registration form itself or expressly authorize the person he represents to fill out the form, the provisions relating to the than expected such personal data in article 9 below of course finding application.

The parties agree that their relations will be exclusively governed by this contract, excluding any condition previously available on the site.

If a condition were to default, it would be considered be governed by the procedures in force in the area of distance selling companies which have headquarters in Belgium.

Pierre & Sol society undertakes to respect all the provisions of the Code of conduct for the respect of the rights of consumers.

GDPR : Our GDPR page details our Privacy Policy and Cookie Management.


Simply order, orally or in writing, the payment of our invoices, implies full of customers joining our terms of sale below.

These terms set forth the rules regarding the sale of the property of the Pierre & Sol SPRL to its customers as part of a system of distance from the Internet site selling . The two parties accepting them without reserve. 

The parties are contractually bound by passing a command and not its confirmation that appears on the screen and is sent electronically to the address listed and archived by Pierre & Sol.

The General conditions of sale constitute the full rights and obligations of the parties, no other condition can integrate with them.

General information

All documents, catalogs, notices and brochures, technical or other specifications are given as information and only bind neither the manufacturer nor the seller. The manufacturer and the seller always reserve the right to make any changes of provisions, forms, dimensions, weight, and material to its products which include the engravings and descriptions on these documents.

Technical, plans, specifications, drawings and diagrams supplied by the manufacturer and delivered by the seller as documentation or in support of proposals may not be disclosed by buyer without prior agreement. They must be returned to the seller upon request.

Identification of the seller

SPRL 2D Groupe: Pierre & Sol with a capital of €80,000
No. company BE 883 298 529

Its offices are located in its headquarters: pavement of Lille, 442 to 7500 TOURNAI (Belgium)

Tel: 00 32 475 26 60 51
Fax: 00 32 69 54 99 01

Coordinates French:

SIREN NO.: 501 826 465
VAT NO.: FR 25 501 826 465

Address: Street of the Maréchal de Lattre Tassigny, 8 to 59000 LILLE

Tel: 00 33 6 73 99 06 30
Fax: 00 32 69 54 99 01

Online sales website:

Contact: sec (AT) 


-Belgium: CPH - 2026 38528 BE371262 IBAN - BIC CPDHBE71

-France: Crédit du Nord - IBAN FR76 3007 6029 2320 3427 0420 047 - BIC NORDFRPP


All orders must be subject to an order in writing and signed by the person in charge of the buyer. It must state accurately the specification of the material with all necessary details, mode and place of shipment, delivery time, accessibility of the delivery, terms of delivery... The absence of order written and signed, incomplete or incorrect information may lead to errors in execution, which could be attributed to the seller.

The seller whether to accept any order within 30 days of receipt. The order confirmation is being acknowledged. In case of refusal by the seller, the deposit is purely and simply refunded to the buyer.

The acknowledgement of order, which confirms the acceptance of the seller stipulates the conditions of execution: specification products, prices, conditions, delivery time, mode of transport, shipping location, payment, customs fees,... It is recommended that the buyer to check carefully this acknowledgment and report any errors within 48 hours of receipt, no protest can be accepted later.

An order accepted by the seller, may always be cancelled by the latter in the following cases and without compensation: stop of production by the manufacturer for any reason whatsoever or modification on regulation and prices on the imports, if any, change in the creditworthiness of the buyer. In these cases, the payments eventually made are purely and simply paid back. 

Any order is worth acceptance of these general terms of sale, as well as price and description of the products sold. 

Pierre & Sol undertakes to fulfill the orders received on the Internet site only within the limit of stocks of products. If article is exhausted, stone & soil may have to deliver a similar article features equivalent or superior and a price equivalent.


The user has the choice to be delivered either at home or at the address of a third party.

Delivery periods begin to run from the date of the acknowledgement of receipt of order and the payment by the buyer of the planned deposit or amount. 

These times are indicated by the seller due to its procurement opportunities for the time being and they will be observed within the limits of the possible. If an unpredictable delay occurs, the buyer would be informed, immediately. Where the delay exceeds 3 months, the sums paid by way of deposit on the command would be productive of interest at the rate of 1% per month. 

Delays cannot, in any case, justify the cancellation of the order by the buyer, nor give rise to deduction or damages. Agreements between the buyer and his client cannot be supported by the vendor. 

The seller is clear, full rights of any commitment to delivery times:-in which case the terms of payment are not met by the buyer. -in case the buyer would not have provided timely information necessary for execution of the order; -in case of force majeure or events such as: strikes, lockouts, riots, war, international complications, requisition, fire, flood, interruption or delays of transport, major accidents in the tooling production, increase the energy prices...  The delays caused from our own suppliers, regardless of the cause, a source of force majeure conventional on the part of the seller. It is recommended to order the specific materials or tailor made promptly in order to ensure a sufficient range of time between the reception and the start of the construction. 

All complaints regarding delivery times shall be made by mail to the address of the vendor above. In the event of non conformity of the well delivered, the seller agrees to remedy or refund the customer. 

Any delivery problem (missing or damaged product) must be reported within a period of 48 H at the numbers indicated above, by mail and by recommended. The confirmation of receipt of the recommended is proof that the claim has been received. The returned product must reach us within 14 days after receipt by asking the Exchange or refund. 

A standard fee of €25 is requested to cover the processing and shipping of your products, it is due even if you return all or part of the command as well as involved transport and electronic banking fees or Paypal fees. 

In the case or our carrier will refuse to transport your goods, we will contact you to discuss an alternative solution. If Pierre & Sol is responsible for the impossibility to deliver your products, we will process your full refund. We are doing everything we can to inform you of the hourly bands delivery, once notified of your delivery, we impose in accordance with our general conditions of sale you make available the day set to receive the goods. We also tell you the delivery slot, this time slot is not contractual and depends on the conditions of delivery, circulation,... own carriers. In the absence during the specified time period or on the day indicated, a second delivery attempt will be charged at a flat rate €250 HT. 

After delivery, the ordered products are presumed to comply with the request unless evidence to the contrary can be provided. It is recommended to the buyer to receive the specific goods or custom at the depot before delivery. 

The seller is not responsible for damage potential to the sidewalks, or other property belonging to others on the occasion of the delivery of the goods, in the case where such delivery is on the public highway. The buyer is responsible for the damage caused to the equipment from the seller or the carrier as a result of delivery on unsuitable land. 

Responsibilities in the event of damage during transport 

The risk of loss or deterioration of the material, as well as all risks related to its existence or its use, are transferred to the buyer upon delivery which is reputed in the deposits of the seller. Material trip regardless of the mode of transport, the port is the responsibility of the seller or the buyer accordingly at the risk of the consignee. 

The buyer must ensure the compliance of delivery and the condition of the package submitted by the carrier before take delivery and to give discharge. He will have to exercise any remedy, claim or reserves, in the event of missing or damage, by registered letter to the carrier within 48 hours of arrival of the goods and a copy of this letter should be addressed to the seller. 

On delivery, you must check the status ofs goods delivered, including by opening the or the package. We note that the words "subject to unpacking" has no value. We recommend that you perform this control even if the deliveryman said being in a hurry or the outside of the box seems to be in good condition.

ATTENTION: without reserve specific on your part on the right of the carrier, no support for Exchange/refund will be possible because it will be impossible to invoke the fault of the carrier since the goods entrusted "in good condition". 

Characteristics of products sold 

Pierre & Sol you made all of the essential characteristics of the products offered for sale. 

These characteristics of the products appear in the pages of online sales. The photographs do not have contractual value, they have only an indicative value. 

The seller is not responsible for defects or differences in color of natural stones and this makes the unique look of natural stone. Stone, the brick and concrete are materials subject to variation depending on the conditions of exploitation or manufacturing. 

Buyer admit products broken, partially broken, imperfections,... at the delivery to maximum height of 5% in packaging sold (boxes, crates, pallets,...), these flaws are inherent in the nature of the products and to their transport, the problematic elements can be used to made the cuts and details of installation.


After registration of the order, he is clearly sent the price you have to pay and the shipping cost. 

The prices are indicated in euros (€) HT or TTC. The VAT rate, indicated on the order form, is applicable on the date of the order to the country of delivery, if necessary, the Buyer acknowledges that VAT has applied will be that of the day of delivery and terms of delivery. 

Delivery charges are calculated on a case by case basis and depend on many factors, such as the distance between the places of delivery and production or storage, the quantities to be delivered, the nature of the means of transport, accessibility of delivery date and the time of delivery, the length of unloading... 

In case of promotional offers, promotions are made for a fixed term, it should be that you pay attention on the limit of validity of the offer in time. 

Prices are freely determined by Pierre & Sol and may vary at any time. 

Order confirmation 

Any order placed at Pierre & Sol will be confirmed by e-mail no later than the day of invoicing. 

This order confirmation will be the starting point of the obligations of the parties. On this confirmation will appear the mention of the goods ordered, its price, its conditions of successful completion... 

The order confirmation will be archived on the server of Pierre & Sol and will be considered as proof of the nature of the convention and its date. 

Withdrawal period 

Defective or non-compliant products will be exchanged or refunded promptly. 

The products are presumed to be delivered in good condition, if a product is defective or non-compliant, Pierre & Sol undertakes to exchange it or refund it to you, provided that the product is in its original packaging, without damage or breakage, and the motives of return self ENT well indicated on the documents to be attached to the package. Treatment and payment fees remain due even in case of full return of the package. 

Custom products are not included. 

Tip: To make life easier when you return a product, Pierre & ground offers to refund you directly by bank transfer to your bank account. To take advantage of this convenient, safe and fast service, simply fill in your account number IBAN on the dispatch note accompanying the returned items and we will make the transfer as soon as possible.

Any return must be made within 14 days by returning the products to the address given by Pierre & Sol. 

Damaged, broken, soiled or already used items cannot be returned. 

In case of abusive returns, Pierre & Sol reserves the right to refuse a subsequent command. 

Items with a guarantee will be taken back only along with your invoice. If the product cannot be replaced you will receive a cheque for the value of your purchase price.

For all refunds less than €5, Pierre & ground will not pay money owed on the account of the buyer or transform this refund in good to argue for a period of 1 year. 

Down payment and balance of the order 

The reservations of goods and/or orders are necessarily accompanied by payment by the buyer of a deposit of minimum 30% for standard products and 50% for customised products or special. The down payment is calculated on the total value of the order including the transport. The percentage of the deposit may be higher in the case of very special order, special terms of purchase, in the nature of buyer,... 

The buyer must pay his order at least seven days before the scheduled delivery date. This period may be adapted to the peculiarities of the transport. 

The delay in the payment of the balance of the order will automatically an interest of 1% per month started late with a minimum of €25 per month started late. The total amount of the interest shall be paid before delivery. 

In case of delay of payment of the balance of the order, charges of storage of pallets or control units will count to the tune of €25 month started by Palette and/or storage beyond 1 month after the date of delivery. 

Except in case of express agreement between the seller and the buyer and after payment by the buyer interest and due monthly storage fees, the seller reserves the right to resell the goods ordered and not led to the buyer to third party in the four months of the date of payment of the balance of the order and keep the deposit. 

Cancellation of order before delivery, receipt of goods and taking back the goods

Order cancellations are still possible with full refund excluding potential costs as long as the merchandise is not current of preparation, manufacture or reserved.

Cancellations of manufacturing of bespoke goods prevent the cancellation of the order without the restraint of a penalty of 100% of the value of the product. Transport is repaid by deduction of a package of € 15 for administrative costs.

Cancellations of order of reserved goods or under preparation are repaid by deduction of a compensation of 10% of the value, before tax, of the goods, the costs of storage, electronic banking or Paypal transactions and a fee of €15 TTC for administrative costs.

Cancellations prior to preparation, manufacturing, or reservation are reimbursed in deduction banking or Paypal transactions and a package of € 15 for administrative costs.

Non receipt or refusal of goods to the carrier - position - point relay-... and the return in our offices this leads to the refund of the standard goods (excluding custom manufacturing) in deduction of transportation costs go,. costs of return transport, electronic banking or Paypal transactions and a package of € 15 for administrative costs. This refund is activated upon receipt in good condition of the goods to the address given previously by our care.

The returns and times of standard goods (excluding custom manufacturing) excess are refunded with a deduction of at least 20% of the value of the goods, electronic banking or Paypal transactions and a package of € 15 for expenses administrative. This refund is activated upon receipt in good condition and in the original packaging of the goods to the address given previously by our care.

For all refunds less than €5, Pierre & Sol will not pay money owed on the account of the buyer or transform this refund in good to argue for a period of 1 year.

Stock availability

The products offered are mostly available in stock. 

If not available in stock, delivery times provided by Pierre & Sol on its site have not that illustrative, they depend on suppliers replenishment times. The order confirmation contains a conventional time. 

Modes of payment

You have your choice of the following payment options:

  • Payment on bank account.

  • Payment by cheque and cheque certified by the Bank.

  • The payment in case

Payments must be made in euros. 


The amount charged is the price including VAT and packaging products. The shipping costs may be charged separately.

Our invoices are payable in cash at the command, the kidnapping, the beginning of manufacturing,..., without discount, unless otherwise stated in an order confirmation from us for sales to businesses. 

The flow of the cheque or credit card occurs just before the shipment of the products.

Each unpaid invoice at maturity will automatically and without warning or put in default interest of 12% year and a lump sum for late payment of 10%, with a minimum of € 200. The failure to pay an invoice has to the fact that all the other bills or commercial paper due notwithstanding their own maturity. The goods sold remain the property of the seller until full payment of the Bills regardless of the place where the property is located; in the event of non-payment the seller has the right to recover them.

The buyer undertakes to not deal with goods that are not paid.

Signature and proof 

If necessary, any user not licensed a number of customer site must follow a registration procedure allowing him to get his customer number. 

In all cases, the final validation of the order implies acceptance by the user of it, in its entirety and at the indicated price.

This validation is signature and express acceptance of all operations performed on site or online. 

The user has the right to notify the seller that he renounce the purchase without penalty and without giving any reasons, within 14 working days from the day following the day of delivery of the product. 


Pierre & Sol is, for all stages of access to the site, of the process of order, delivery or subsequent services, that an obligation of means. 

The responsibility of Pierre & Sol cannot be initiated for any inconvenience or damage inherent to the use of the Internet, including a break of service, an external intrusion or the presence of computer viruses, or any described as force majeure, in accordance with the case-law. 

The products are sent by the carrier and regular postal services. Pierre & Sol declines any responsibility in the event of delivery time too important because of postal services or transport systems, as well as in case of loss of the products ordered or strike. Transport risks are borne by the user, who will have to introduce applications for use with the postal service or the carrier. 

Purchased products are used by the buyer, Pierre & Sol could be held responsible for misuse, use contraindicated,... or the right outfit at the time of the products not knowing the use which was made and the conditions in which it is operated. 

Moreover, it is specified that the ownership of the ordered products will be transferred to the user to the full payment of the price charged, including the costs of treatment and payment. 

Policy of privacy

See the GDPR page.

Pierre & Sol reserves the right to collect data on the user, especially when it made an order or by the use of cookies (a small file sent by an Internet Server, which is saved on the hard drive of your computer. It keeps track of the visited Internet site and contains a certain amount of information about this visit).

All personal data are intended for the internal use of Pierre & Sol. These data may be disclosed to bodies contractually associated with Pierre & Sol (commercial partners, charitable, voluntary sectors or groups of interest or opinion) that could send personalized promotional offers . If you do not, the mail will indicate an address of waiver

According to the law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy with respect to the treatment of personal data, you have at any time the right to access and correct these data and the right of opposition if you don't longer want to be informed about our activities. 

Links and site content: Pierre & Sol site contains links to sites not belonging to him. Pierre & Sol cannot be held responsible for the content of these sites or the consequences of your use thereof.

The information on our website are regularly updated and verified. Pierre & Sol cannot however be held responsible for errors or any direct or indirect damage that may result from your access or use of this site, or a damage or virus which may affect your computer or other computer equipment. In accordance with the law of 6 January 1978, the user has a right of access and rectification of the data. 

Intellectual property 

All elements of the site Pierre & Sol, whether Visual or audio, including the underlying technology, are protected by copyright, trademarks or patents, and more generally by intellectual property. 

They are the exclusive property of the company Pierre & Sol.

The user who has a Web site on a personal basis and who wishes to place a simple link referring directly to the homepage or other site of Pierre & Sol for personal use, on his site, must ask for permission to Pierre & Sol.

It won't in this case of an implicit affiliation agreement. 

On the other hand, any hypertext link referring to the site of stone & soil and using the technique of framing or in-line linking is forbidden.

In any case, any link, even tacitly authorized, must be removed on request of Pierre & soil society. They are the exclusive property of the company Pierre & ground. 


In the case where one of the clauses of this agreement would be null and void by a change of legislation, regulation or by a court decision, this cannot in any way affect the validity and compliance with these terms sales or the spirit of these. 


These terms apply for the duration of online services offered by Pierre & Sol. 


The computerized registers, preserved in the computer systems of Pierre & Sol and its partners in reasonable conditions of safety, will be considered as proof of communications, orders and payments intervened between the parties. 

Conservation and archiving of transactions

The archiving of order forms and invoices is carried out on a reliable and sustainable way support to meet a loyal and durable copy. 


Items sold by Pierre & Sol conform to the description and the presentation given on the site and/or in the catalog. Despite all our precautions, in case of errors could creep. In no case we could be incurred thereby.

Except in the case of contractual provision or legal otherwise, any operation between Pierre & Sol and the user, not contested within a period of one month from the delivery cannot give rise to claim. 

Applicable law, litigation 

The courts within the purview of the headquarters of the seller will be the exclusive jurisdiction to arbitrate the different that may arise between the vendor and client. 

These terms and conditions are subject to Belgian law. In case of dispute, the Belgian law is applicable and only the courts of the judicial arrondissement of Tournai. 

These conditions of sale prevail full rights on the terms of purchase of the customer. 

The settlement procedure

A. pre-booking online product with precise indications of the products, quantities, of the place and conditions of accessibility, delivery date, delivery address, payment mode,... 

B. Confirmation online availability of the reservation, the probable date of delivery, the quantity to be delivered depending on packaging, the total price of the products, delivery, delivery price, of the amount of the down payment of 30% of terms of payment.

C. order online, by fax, or in writing accompanied by the amount of the down payment of 30% and the delivery price. 

D. Confirmation of the order and the delivery date online. 

E. send the invoice indicating the date of the balance due. 

F. receipt of the balance of the invoice on our accounts or receipt of a cheque certified by the Bank. 

G. start of procedure of delivery with the carrier 

H. delivery in the presence of the customer to the places and dates agreed in advance with the carrier 

I. check and receipt of the goods. 

The reservation of the products requested by the customer will be that when sending of the confirmation of order and after receipt of the down payment and delivery on our account price. The short deadlines also from these payments. 

Terms of payment is committed to obtaining competitive prices for all of the presented products. It passes by specific trade policies with our suppliers and in particular by the cash payment at the great of the products purchased. sales are to be paid cash before delivery or removal. 

B. product "made-to-measure" or specific are to pay 50% of the order 

C. only the 30% deposit guarantees the customer's order. 

Payment and transaction. 

Terms of payment:

  • Cash with cheque certified by the Bank to the kidnapping.
  • In case
  • Our IBAN account before removal:
    • Belgium: CPH - 2026 38528 BE371262 IBAN - BIC CPDHBE71
    • France: Crédit du Nord - IBAN FR76 3007 6029 2320 3427 0420 047 - BIC NORDFRPP

For all refunds less than €5, Pierre & Sol will not pay money owed on the account of the buyer or transform this refund in good to argue for a period of 1 year.