Exterior floor

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Exterior floor

Products for your exterior floors, terraces, access, parking lots, roads,... in the form of paving stones, slabs, tiles, bricks...


  • Natural stone paver

    Paving new and recovery for roads, streets, access, parkings,... sold in crates or in Bigbags. For large quantities, or if in doubt, feel free to ask for a quote detailed via the CONTACT page

  • Natural Stone slab

    Slab natural stone terraces, courtyard, pool...

  • Pavement brick

    Brick terracotta pavement or klinkers for your soil, terraces, paved in terracotta...

  • Ceramic tile

    Slab stoneware, mega-porcelain, slab mirage...

  • Wood

    Slab wood, walkways, floors, joists...

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